Sunday, November 4, 2012

Paul Wolfowitz on Benghazi: U.S. did almost everything possible to protect our people

In a blog post posted in American Enterprise Institute (a conservative think-tank), Paul Wolfowitz a Republican and a former deputy defense secretary wrote that US did almost everything possible to protect our people once the attacks had started. Contrast this with what Romney and his campaign have been saying about U.S response and it looks to me that they did not dig deeper and kept attacking Obama to score political points.

Excerpts from his blog
The Consulate was overrun in a matter of minutes, before any help was possible.
A team that appears to have been CIA personnel deployed quickly (and bravely) from the Annex to the Consulate and rescued everyone they found alive there. (It’s not clear whether Ambassador Stevens had already been taken by Libyans to the hospital or whether they simply failed to find him.)
A mainly CIA response force deployed quickly from Tripoli to reinforce the Annex and facilitate its successful evacuation.
Decision makers in Washington appear to have been leaning forward, as they should have been. The military’s most capable rescue force, based on the East Coast, was deployed immediately (something that is very rarely done), but – given the distances involved – arrived at Sigonella only after the crisis was over.
Also, the European command (EUCOM) deployed its number one counter terrorism force, which was training in central Europe, as quickly as possible, but it arrived in Sigonella after the evacuation of the Annex was complete.
Other special forces deployed to Sigonella but arrived on the 12th after it was too late to make a difference in Benghazi.
There was no AC-130 gunship in the region.
The only drone available in Libya was an unarmed surveillance drone which was quickly moved from Darna to Benghazi, but the field of view of these drones is limited and, in any case, this one was not armed.
The only other assets immediately available were F-16 fighter jets based at Aviano, Italy. These aircraft might have reached Benghazi while the fight at the Annex was still going on, but they would have had difficulty pinpointing hostile mortar positions or distinguishing between friendly and hostile militias in the midst of a confused firefight in a densely populated residential area where there would have been a high likelihood of civilian casualties. While two more Americans were tragically killed by a mortar strike on the Annex, it’s not clear that deploying F-16’s would have prevented that. In any case, the decision not to do so was made by the tactical commander, General Ham, as it should have been

Read Bloomberg's take here

The Private Service Sector Has Now Recovered All The Jobs It Lost During The Recession

Full Story:

Do we need anything more to say that our current President has done a phenominal job?

Conservatives Are Seeing the Beginning of the End for Romney

Full Story:
One of the more popular conservative blogs is It is getting roughly the same traffic as this site (about a quarter of a million hits a day). The founder and chief cook and bottle washer, Erick Erickson, is way to the right of Rick Perry. During the run-up to the primaries he was wildly against Romney. On Nov. 8, 2011, he wrote an editorialthat is definitely worth reading if you are interested in knowing what conservatives were thinking a year ago. In part, he wrote:
"Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is a man devoid of any principles other than getting himself elected. As much as the American public does not like Barack Obama, they loath a man so fueled with ambition that he will say or do anything to get himself elected. Mitt Romney is that man.
I've been reading the 200 pages of single spaced opposition research from the John McCain campaign on Mitt Romney. There is no issue I can find on which Mitt Romney has not taken both sides. He is neither liberal nor conservative. He is simply unprincipled."

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

The dishonesty is reaching new heights in Romney's campaign. I thought Republicans are for smaller and efficient government. Apparently not. It seems any idea is a good idea if it comes from Republicans and not so when a Democrat proproses it!

Here is what Obama actually said
“We should have one Secretary of Business, instead of nine different departments that are dealing with things like giving loans to SBA or helping companies with exports,” Mr. Obama said in an interview that aired Monday on MSNBC. “There should be a one-stop shop.”
Consolidating departments would increase efficiency, reduce cost and also reduce bureaucratic red tape. Apparently not so since the idea comes from a democrat. Instead of understanding the context and the reason, Romney campaign is now running ads saying he wants to add additional bureacracy!!!! How is that? It looks like Chamber of Commerce is in favor of this idea!!!

 As for Paul Ryan mocking the president for not having appointed the commerce secretary, we do have one. Here is how Washington Times put it
John Bryson resigned his post as Commerce Secretary in June after he crashed into two cars on the same day, which he attributed to a seizure. Rebecca Blank is serving as acting Commerce Secretary until the president nominates a replacement.
Republicans wanted the President to go through the whole nine yards in the last few months of his first term just to be potentially replaced my another one? Also, imagine the grid lock and potical theater that this would have caused

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Romney Admits His Decisions Are Based On Mormon Teachings

I absolutely have no problems with him being a mormon. However I am pretty sick of hearing him say that it would dictate his public policies though majority of this great nation do not believe or practice his faith. Public policy should be dictated by sound reasoning, judgement, inclusive and backed by data. However he made it extremely clear that he is pro-life and anti-choice.

Lastly, it is very refreshing to see Presidential candidate go off the script and portray the true self.